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What did you see in fools gold
charstew - 3/31/2009 7:37 AM
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Category: Educational
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Fool Gold the movie.

I loved this movie and have watched it more than once this winter while dreaming of being in a warmer climate. One thing I noticed right away was that almost all of the equipment used was Mares which happens to be my favorite. I noticed the accent rate in the very first scene when the boat sank. They came up nearly as fast as their bubbles. What are some things that you noticed?


squirt - 4/03/2009 12:27 PM
This is, by far, my favorite movie. I literally watch it almost daily. Keeps me dreaming of diving. I noticed the rapid accents in the beginning of the movie. Practically every piece of equip was Mares. Every time they dove, they had different equip. There were dives without buddies. Especially during the night dive when they found the two cannons. Fin and Tess descend and then separate on there own. I guess having any dive emergencies was not in the script.

I also read a cool article on how they created this movie. They actually built a huge tank that they submerged in the ocean, then filled it with sand, coral, fish, turtles to get look/feel of ocean without dangers and in controlled environment. (

tjdiving - 4/03/2009 8:39 AM
I loved the movie but was really upset that they didn’t film it in Key West. I wish Florida had mountains and cliffs! I could have some scenery then!
nauidiver - 3/31/2009 3:36 PM
NOT to let him use my boat! haha... I’ve have to see that movie again, it was good. That one and "Into the Blue"
Reefdiver1960 - 3/31/2009 9:24 AM
That it was not filmed in Key West.