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Holy Week
RoyJN - 3/30/2009 11:50 AM
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Category: Event
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Holy Week is just around the corner, soon I’ll be leaving for England tomorrow and be playing the organ for King’s College choir. I can scratch this off of my things to do list before I die now. Cannot believe this is happening to me, being in the presences of my favorite music group but actually playing the organ with them. It is so wonderful and a big blessing to see myself after all these years. To add more joy to Holy Week, I will swing over to Scapa Flow and do a dive there on a charter to see the ship wrecks. Sure it isn’t the same like Bikini Atoll but the good thing is Scapa Flow haven’t closed off to the world like the Bikini islands did. Anyways, plane leaves tomorrow at 12pm, cannot dive but my drysuit is having some odd trouble. The sad thing about my camera is, the housing’s thread has worn out and unable to mount my fisheye dome. This just stinks, but I guess, this is the cost of going to England. All is good though with God at my side, and my family support, I will have a great time.


dalehall - 4/01/2009 9:13 AM
That’s VERY cool Roy!!! Enjoy your trip and please let us know how both of your "highlights" go for you..