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Waiting for my check-out dive dates
terfmop - 4/14/2007 12:00 AM
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Category: Personal
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All my pool dives are done. I`ll be headed up to Haigh Quarry in May to do my check-out dives. I`ve met a few people who used to dive, but don`t dive any longer due to similar reasons.....just didn`t have anyone to dive with, or didn`t know where to go diving. I don`t want to become one of those people. Hopefully this board and others will keep me connected with others whom I can contact to go diving.....even if it is a quarry or murky pond. This past week, I met up with another former diver who wanted to get rid of some equipment taking up space in his storage shed. He said I could get all the eqipment checked out first, then he would sell it all to me for $40! The equipment includes an Oceanic first stage, Oceanic second stage Delta regulator & octo, an Oceanic vest style BC, an AL80 tank, SPG/pressure/compass console, a weight belt with 20lbs of weight. I realize I`ll have to get all the equipment serviced, but for $40 it is a steal.


Greg - 4/14/2007 12:00 AM
Take it! 20lbs of weight alone will cost you about $40. And used tanks that are still working cost around $50.