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emtgirl86 - 3/04/2007 12:00 AM
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Category: Educational
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I wish I could show you all a picture of this. I hope to post one soon. As of today, a group of us finished out ice dive class. It was by far, one of the coolest classes I have ever taken. By cool I mean COLD!!! The water was 36 degrees with the viz being anywhere from 0-15 feet. We had just received about eighteen inches of snow over the last week, so the ice was covered. Our dives were between fifteen and twenty minutes long, with max depth right around thirty-two feet. For anyone that has ever been on an ice dive, you know what I am talking about. About ten feet from the surface, we lost sight of the hole. At that point, you realize that the rope double caribenerd to your harness truly is your safety line, check that, it is your LIFE LINE! Anyway, we could really tell when we went from the plowed portion of the ice to the snow covered parts! The vis when down to ZERO, especially if we went below ten feet. Anyway it was a great set of dives. I highly recommend this to anyone that wants to try out a new and crazy experience. Oh, by the way, this was done in a seven mil wetsuit!! Happy Diving!


Granitehawk - 1/08/2009 10:56 AM

Nice to here I am not the only wet suit Ice diver out there. 
Greg - 3/05/2007 12:00 AM
You did that dive in a 7 mil wet suit! Are you crazy or very warm blooded ? :)