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Looking for gear
Posted by Anjelamae
Looking for gear
Anjelamae - 10/17/2008 2:43 PM
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Category: Equipment
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Since I’m new to diving, I was hoping anyone out there could give me some recommendations for dive gear. I’d like to get a bcd and regulator first so when I relearn how to dive, I can do so with my own gear/weights etc. Looking online is a little overwhelming as I’m not really sure what I’m supposed to be looking for, particularly with regulators. I have tried on a bcd designed for women and found it very comfortable. Does anyone have any recommendations on brands and styles?

I’m also looking to get into underwater photography. Any suggestions for cameras? Also, anyone know of any great dive shops on O’ahu? I was going through Dive Oahu, but with a recent dive related injury due to lack of instruction and attention by their staff, I’d like to find a different shop.


steelheadfish - 11/02/2008 9:58 AM
i really like my zeagle bc it fits well and it can be configured to your needs (single or twins ect..), and best of all it is made in the usa!!! no matter what bc i personally feel ditch the weight belt and go intergrated weight system. and for regs look at scubapro they offer free parts for your annual serv, so you save some bucks every year. good luck and enjoy
Scottitheduck - 10/29/2008 6:40 PM
Hey there....

As far as Oahu goes, you have several options. The best thing to do is to head into a shop with lots of TIME. It takes time to run through the options as far as price, options and features. Any salesperson that doesn’t know or doesn’t have the time doesn’t deserve your biz.

If in Waikiki, talk to Sean at Waikiki Dive Center. Or, if you looking for some variety, try Island Divers in Hawaii Kai or Hickam.

I know when I was working at a shop I often felt pulled in so many directions that to give proper gear consultation it really took a lot of time and effort. Hopefully you will find a good fit.

Also, use the web as a research tool. Compare prices in the shop, but it’s always a good idea to buy local (especially if you need to have gear serviced in the future). Finally, some great deals can be found on craigslist under sporting goods.

Hope this helps, feel free to message me with any questions. I’ve s
divemaiden - 10/19/2008 3:21 PM
I’m going to e-mail you my comment because there’s so much info that half of it got cut off.
ANUWCNJ - 10/18/2008 11:15 AM
Talk to Gypse diver, he was stationed in Hi for a while.
ANUWCNJ - 10/18/2008 10:43 AM
The type of gear you purchas depends on the type of diving you want to do. Read, ask questions, and talk to other divers about their gear. Go to your local store and ask what package deales they can provide. Only after your comfortable with your decision make your purchase. Scubaclay
Bruno - 10/18/2008 1:56 AM
Halcyon baby, Halcyon! The gear and the philosophy.
Spearo - 10/17/2008 9:59 PM
Hello Anjelamae, When you start looking at diving gear for the long run take a look at Zeagle equipment, you can’t go wrong. Their equipment is great and so is their service. There is also some BCs just for woman. Remember..when it comes to regulators you want balanced, remember I said "for the long run" Let me know if I can help you with a speargun too. I am sorry but I just never had time for the UW photo thing so i can’t help you there. :[) Best of luck
d-diver - 10/17/2008 6:10 PM
I think the choise of diving gear depend where do you want to dive. I suggest you diving gear with wide service support. I use Scubapro MK18 with second stage R295. I bought it for about 100U$ four years ago. You don’t need underwater camera right now. I think you must take more diving skills. You can buy camera later when you will know more about it. I suggest you to focus your attention in safety and good feeling when you dive. Greetings. Dean