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Airlines and Dive Gear
mo - 8/07/2008 12:17 PM
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Airlines and Dive Gear1. British Airways 23kg + 23kg dive gear (in seperate bags) FREE.
2. Astraeus 20kg + 5kg dive gear FREE (Egypt only. All destinations: 10kg dive gear for £20, 25kg dive gear for £50).
3. Emirates 20kg + 10kg dive gear FREE.
4. Malaysia 20kg + 10kg dive gear FREE (may need a bribe here and there) According to website hates divers!
5. XL 20Kg + 10Kg diver gear FREE.
6. Singapore Airlines 20kg (economy) + 10kg diver FREE Not mentioned on website!
7. Cyprus Airways 20 kg plus extra 20kg free.
8. Virgin. Standard weight allowance: 20kg Diving equipment: additional bag for scuba equipment, free up to 6kg. This is not mentioned on the website and it is suggested they actually hate divers...!
9. Etihad Airways 30kg (standard for everyone) Depends on class: Diamond (first class) 40kg, Pearl (business) 30kg, Coral (economy) 20kg. No extra allowances on the website.
10. Air Lanka 30kg for divers (may ask for c-card at check in) Useless website!
11. First Choice 20kg + 10kg dive gear FREE (need to show c-card at check-in) No bag to weigh more than 23kg. Must pre-book on 0870 757 2757 at least 4 days prior to departure.
12. Monarch (scheduled flights only - for charters see ’Tolerates Divers’) 20kg + 13kg dive gear for £15 per sector if you pay when booking online. £20 per sector if you pay at check-in. (need to show c-card at check-in).
13. Thomas Cook Airlines/FlyThomasCook. Standard baggage allowance 15kg, maybe upgraded to 20kg at time of booking for a small fee. Extra 10kg may be booked via Customer Services 08702430416 & 1
14. Kenya Airways 20kg + 10kg dive gear free if informed in advance. Not mentioned on website.
15. Precision Air 20kg + 10kg dive gear free if informed in advance. Not mentioned on website.
16. Air Malta 20kg + 15kg dive gear FREE, need to inform them in advance.
17. Daallo (to Djibouti) 30kg tho no details on useless website!
18. Qatar Airlines 20kg + 10kg dive gear free (need to ring up their head office and request extra allowance) This is not mentioned on the website.
19. Royal Brunei 23kg + 23kg dive gear free (need to chat up the girl/guy in the London office, but it worked and have email from them) not shown on website
20. American Airlines 2x23kg bags as standard on flights to the USA.
21. Korean Air Normal baggage 20kg + 15kg extra + 12kg hand luggage = 47 kg

Tolerates Divers
1. British Jet 20kg + 8kg dive gear FREE + 5kgs hand luggage. (33 kgs total). Useless website!
2. KLM 20kg/25kg + 20kg dive gear for 20/30 Euros (depends on destination) All the information is on the website, but it’s not easy to understand!!
3. Ryanair Max free allowance for divers: 15kg However, 10kg can be carried as hand luggage. Standard weight allowance: 15kg (bag check-in charge £3.50 per item per flight if booked online). Diving equipment: sports equipment charge is £15.50 per item, per one way flight if booked and paid online. The maximum weight is 32kg for sports kit.
4. ThomsonFly 25kg hold & hand baggage combined, hand baggage must not exceed 10kg. Dive gear not mentioned specifically on website, but ’Sports Equipment’ allowance may be purchased in advance for £15 each way.
5. Eurocypria 20kg + 10kg dive gear for CP20. According to website, no extra allowance!
6. Air France 20kg + 20kg dive gear for a fe