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scubaclay - 9/26/2008 6:37 PM
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Category: Equipment
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I got a chance to try out my new Noctornal dive light last weekend. I must sat it was bright. I was told that I lit up the entre bus at Dutch Springs. I was very pleases with it because I han no problems turing it on or off. This was my first experience with a canister light, and it was great. Even with the low level bulb it was very bright. I think if I had gone to the 50 watt bulb,I would have been able to land a commercial airliner in the lake. I was also very impressed with the price of the unit, compared to some of the other canister lighs on the market it was very reasonable. The unit came with 4 bulbs and the charging unit. I liked the function of the charging unit because it told me when to take the battery off charge so that I would not over charge it. Being canister light and re cahrgeable lit stup[it I needed that feature. I can now saythat the light is worth the price paid for it.