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You can make your own Can-light!
Posted by grassyknoll
You can make your own Can-light!
grassyknoll - 2/15/2007 12:00 AM
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You can make your own Can-light!Just wanted to say, that for anyone that is considering purchasing a can-light for diving, if you are even marginally competent to use power tools, you can make your own light for a fraction of the cost. A good quality HID can-light such as a Dive Rite model is going to set you back about $600 clams. For about $75-100 you can make a comparable light. There is a picture attached of the one I just completed and I am getting ready to make another one refining the design and improving upon it. I would estimate that I have about 8-10 hours into the project at most. Half the benefit of this project is that I ended up with a light that I know inside and out, I can easily fix any problems as I put it together; this is something that I wouldn`t have with a store bought product. Also, because of the design, I am able to swap out different light heads for different light-output/battery run times; I can run anything from a 15-50 watt light. And these light heads are commonly available at Home Depot or hardware stores for $4-7. You don`t need lathes or any major shop equipment, a small drill press is about the only must have item, but I bet in a pinch I could have done it with a hand-held drill. Rather than try and give any sort of a step-by step process here or point you towards the design instruction I used, I would rather respond to members individually; if you are interested, message me and I will forward you links, photos etc..or answer any questions you may have. Safe Diving Matt


Greg - 2/15/2007 12:00 AM
That`s pretty cool...I may hit you up one day for instructions on how you did that.