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USS Indra
Getting Certified
Posted by OnTheBottom4Me
USS Indra
OnTheBottom4Me - 6/23/2008 7:07 AM
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Hello everyone. As many of you know I got to dive the USS Indra this past weekend. Before we went to the Indra we got a morning dive in at Radio Island in Beaufort. Long walk, but definantly worth the trip. The sea life was spectacular, but beware of the channel. Found some sand dollars in perfect condition, just beautiful. This is a dive you want to do at high slack tide, but it is a good place to get prepared for a deeper dive. The visibilty here wasn’t that great, maybe 5 to 10 feet. Wasn’t very good. Now on to the Indra. We were suppose to dive it on June 21st, but there was a mishap on the trip before us, with a missing diver, so ours was cancelled. The lost diver was recovered and is okay, and that is always good news. There was enough room on the dive going out the following afternoon, June 22nd, so we grab those spaces. The weather was beautiful, and so was the ride out. The location was 10 miles off the NC coast. The ocean was calm with a surface temp around 82 degrees and a bottom temp around 77 degrees. Just beautiful conditions for this dive. Once we got down on the wreck it was a new world. Lots of fish to see, even a barracuda and sharks. The ship itself looked amazing. It had lots of places to explore and for the daring and brave a few places to penetrate with little obstruction. The visibility was just wonderful, 45-50 ft, and since this ship isn’t that old you didn’t have to worry about silt or rust and such being stirred up to decrease the visibilty. I would definantly recommend the dive to anyone. My buddy and I did take a couple of cameras with us but they just didn’t seem to want to work underwater, so sorry no pics just yet, but that is something we are going to remedy. In fact my buddy buried his at sea with the Indra. I guess he thought it was more use there than up top, LOL! There were some students there getting checked off, and they done wonderfully. Since, this was my first ocean and wreck dive I must say I can not wait to go again and again. The sea life was just beautiful, and the enviroment soothing and calm. Something I don’t get much of. Anyways, just wanted to give everyone an update on my dive and as always see you on the bottom. If anyone has any questions please send me a message. I look forward to hearing from ya’ll!


scubaclay - 6/23/2008 5:23 PM

That’s great I always have a great time on her. When ever we go to N. Carolina we dive the Indra. Always lots of sea life.