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Eve - 5/13/2008 6:59 AM
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Just a bit if trivia for those who dive the Haymarket quarry. My husband and I would swim in the quarry back in 1974 thru 1980. At that time it was not open to divers or anyone else for that matter. Yes we were trespassing, but it was the seventies ! We enjoyed it then and feel sure that it is enjoyed today still. Good to hear that an old hang out is still in use.



h2ofria - 6/18/2008 8:49 PM
Just read your comment on Haymarket. I assume you are talking about the Millbrook quarry just outside of Haymarket VA. I did my first qualification dive there in June on the second day of a record rainfall. It was raining so hard that the topside viz was about 20 feet and zero underwater. I was mask to mask with the instructor. I almost gave up diving after that experience.