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DiveBuddy site update.
Greg - 4/09/2008 12:10 PM
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Hey dive buddies!

I’ll try my best to keep this blog updated when I add features or make changes to our new website.

What I have done:
  • Added the ability to show two web addresses on your divebuddy profile. You can also give each web address a custom name. Go to Edit Profile > Personal to edit.
  • Completed Reward Point Offer program that allows scuba retailers to offer discounts on products and services in exchange for divebuddy reward points.
  • Added ability for Club admins to view/edit club comments from their own comments page.
  • Added ability to send all club admins a message.
  • The rewards page has been added with list of ways to earn rewards points. Also, there is a link on the rewards page to view Reward Point History which will show all the points you received and why.
  • Members can now change their login password. Go to Edit Profile > Settings...then click Change Password.
  • Added better Live Chat program.
  • Added ability to send a message to all members that posted a comment to a blog, forum topic, event or dive trip. Of course if the forum topic is Anonymous, you can’t send a message to everyone that commented. Go to the Edit section of each item listed above to see the new envelope icon next to the delete icon. Click the envelope icon to send a message to all commenters.
  • Added Generate Custom Code section to Edit Profile > Style. Now you can easily generate css code to apply to your profile. I will make it easier soon to copy the newly generated code directly to your profile.
  • Added Quick Links drop down to top right when logged quicker access to member pages.
  • Added Dive Trip RSVP ability. Now members can choose "Yes" or "Maybe" to a dive trip. RSVP members are shown on the dive trip page. The organizer of the dive trip will soon be able to send a message to everyone that has requested to go on the trip.
  • Dive club section is pretty much done. You can join, leave, add, edit. Post comments to your dive club. Share content with the dive club. Admins can edit club member type of other members. Soon admins will be able to send messages to all club members. Your dive club is shown on your profile.
  • Added ’Processing’ page when sending message to certain buddy type or all buddies.
  • Added message details page for sent messages. If you send a message to more than one member, you can view a list of all the members the message was sent to and see the status of that message for each member (ie: have the read the message or not).
  • Fixed daily message limit. Now it limits messages for today only, not a 24 hour period. Your message limit is based on your donations to divebuddy. No donation members are allowed to send 25 messages per day.
  • Added Buddy Type drop down menu on Send Message page. Now you can choose to send a message to all buddies that match a certain buddy type. Go to Buddy List > Edit Buddy to update a member’s buddy type.
  • Added Age, Gender, Cert Level and Specialty to Search page.
  • Added PSD (Public Safety Diver) to list of Specialty choices.
  • Added ’View Map Location’ to profile, photos and videos.
  • Added RSS feed for blogs, forum and calendar.
  • Added Entire Site search. Anytime you see the words ’entire site’ in the search box in the top right, enter a keyword to search through all blogs, photos, members, events, dive trips and forum posts.
  • Added DiveTrips section to Edit Profile so you can view/add/edit dive trips that show up in the Calendar. RSVP for dive trips is coming soon.
  • Added Donate page again. Now you can make a donation to through PayPal. Click ’Donations’ at the bottom of every page. You will receive reward points equal to 4 times your donation. You must be logged in to make a donation.
  • Added Reminder section to member home page. Now you will be reminded of dive trips, events and birthdays that occur within the next 14 days.
  • Added ’Buddy Type’ and ’Dived Together’ to your buddy list. Now you can specify the type of buddy (ie: friend, family, student, etc.) and whether you’ve been diving with them or not. Soon I’ll add the ability to send a message to all friends or family or students...rather than just all buddies.
  • Added ’Refer A Friend’ and ’Manage Referrals’ to member home page. I will let you know when the rewards page is working, that shows what you can do with the reward points.
  • Added Events section to Edit Profile so everyone can add/edit calendar events. Dive trips section coming soon.
  • Added 400GB hard drive to our web server to support future growth. Site was down for a few minutes, sorry.
  • Change email address added to Contact section in Edit Profile. New email address must be verified.
  • Added ’Promote Your Profile’ section to member home page.

What I still need to do:
  • Create simple website for mobile version of
  • Add DiveBuddy Earth.
  • Add Dive Site section.

...more to come...


Owner and Member #1


rzigfry - 4/14/2008 4:45 PM
This explains a lot of the happenings.

dalehall - 4/12/2008 5:59 AM
The updates are awesome, Greg.. Great work.. Thank you!!

cpjmazz - 4/11/2008 6:46 AM
Greg: I’m really excited to see the evolution of first hand. Keep up the great work - IT SHOWS!! Ever been to Saba? This will be my first dive trip so if you have any helpful thoughts or recommendations, I’d be eager to hear :) Ciao, Christopher Mazz