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Sammy’s update 08-10-09
Hobie - 8/12/2009 10:35 PM
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Category: Personal
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Sammy’s update 08-10-09 Sammy has been having all kinds of tests done the last two weeks. He is suppose to have his surgery done on the 14th. They are planning on removing most of his liver. He will then be kept sedated and on feeding tubes for a few weeks while he heals. I dont even know if they are going to do the surgery on the scheduled date. Here it is two days before, and I still dont know. On the 10th he had a hearing test,and we found out he is going deaf from the chemo. We were warned about the side effects right from the beginning. On top of all that my daughter went to the hearing doctor yesterday, and we found out she is going deaf as well. She supposely has nerve damage. So needless to say im taking both Kids to another hearing specialist for a second opinion. After everything we have been through this year, the news isnt as bad as it could of been. Its still bad though.