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Lembeh Strait
allisonfinch - 3/05/2008 1:16 PM
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Category: Travel
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Lembeh StraitI finally got a chance to get to the Lembeh Strait off the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia. WOW! What isn`t there to see??

We stayed at Kasawari Resort, which had recently opened. It was a beautifully designed resort with charming and elegantly appointed buildings

Kasawari Lodge

The diving is off of native styled boats which proved to be very comfortable and easy to dive from.

Kasawari docks

The dives were effortless and interesting. After hitting the bottom and looking around at, what first appears to be bare black sand, you are wondering why you came halfway around the world to see this. The sand bottom is sprinkled, here and there, with human trash. AH!! But look a little closer...

Eel in a beer bottle

There is so little habitat/cover on much of the bottom, that ANYTHING added quickly becomes habitat. Don`t get me wrong, there are beautiful reefs in Lembeh, but the real treasures are found in the "muck".

octopus sitting in a shell

On the run

red devil scorpionfish

If you love the bizarre and unusual...if you like seeing things that you would search a lifetime to see elsewhere...Lembeh is the place to go.

yellow bargibanti


tjdiving - 3/07/2008 9:51 AM
Excellent pictures!