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Paradise Springs
gitrdundiver - 2/10/2008 9:32 AM
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Well here is installment number 3 in my dive blog. Yesterday I went up to Ocala with my dive buddy to do Paradise Springs. This is a sink hole that drops down to 99 feet depth for open water divers. It goes down further than that but you have to be cave certified and I am not. The water is amazingly clear. From 91 feet ( my deepest point on this dive) I could see the light from above. The cavern is not a straight up and down. It drops at an angle so after about 15 feet you are in an overhead environment. The total lenght of the cavern shaft is somewhere around 200 feet (all overhead). I am not a big fan of cave diving so it was pushing it a little for my comfort level but it was worth it. All in all a great dive that I am glad I did. If you have any intentions of doing this dive you might want to do it quickly. The property is up for sale and if it sells there is a good possibility that the diving there will be stopped. Happy Diving Y`all.