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Ginnie Springs 2/8/08
Posted by allknighter
Ginnie Springs 2/8/08
allknighter - 2/10/2008 8:29 AM
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whoo hoo! first dive of the year! This semester has been pretty stressful so I haven`t been able to get as many dives in as i wanted. Anyway, we arrived at Ginnie around one and started at the little devil and drifted our way down the river to the ballroom. There were a lot of cave divers around and people doing classes, so we didn`t explore too much into the cave openings. The ballroom is always my favorite part, it`s always fun to swim up to the grate and hold on in the current. It was kinda neat too because i didnt have a light, but my buddy did, so we went into one of the little swim throughs and he covered his light so there was complete darkness for a few seconds. It was freaky because I didn`t know it was coming, but cool at the same time. I guess thats what cave diving is like...