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Ginnie Springs Fl
Plang - 9/02/2007 4:02 PM
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Category: Travel
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Ginnie Springs Fl1 Sept 2007 Excellent fresh water dive. There are 4 dives within this site: Ginnie Spring, Devils Ear, Devils Eye, and Devils Spring, and a drift dive down the Santa Fe River. Ginnie Spring is 49 feet deep with very clear 72 degree water. When looking over the site you cannot see the opening to the cavern, but once in the water you will see the opening to the cavern. The cavern is fairly large in size with a couple of smaller areas to explore. Take a look back to the cavern`s opening, very nice view. Devils Ear, Eye, and Spring are three sites at the park which we dove in one dive as you can access them one right after another. You are not allowed to carry lights at these three locations unless you are cavern/cave certified. Starting off with Devils Ear which is approximately 6 feet wide, 30 feet long, and about 40 feet deep offered an interesting view from the bottom looking up. Next was Devils Eye which is a round bowl shape with an enterance in to the caverns below. The final site, Devils Spring is approximately 60 feet deep with rushing water. It is a little bigger than the ear. From the Devils Spring we choose to drift down the Santa Fe River to get back to Ginnie Spring. We did have to walk backward for about 100 feet though. Great dive site, will go back.