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West Palm Beach
Venice Beach, Here we come!
Posted by STAScubaDiving
Venice Beach, Here we come!
STAScubaDiving - 1/12/2008 10:59 AM
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Next weekend, we`re headed over across the state to Venice Beach.

My wife and I, and another diving couple have been wanting to make a weekend trip to search for those fossilized sharks teeth. Of course the little boy in me is hoping to find a Megladon tooth as well. I teach a high school science class, and I know my students would get a kick out of seeing the teeth collected, as well as trying to figure out which shark the tooth onece belonged to.

The water should be "cold" in our standards... but we`re going to try diving from a kayaks. If it doesn`t go as smoothly as expected, I guess we`ll just go with the old shore diving technique.

Does anyone know of a great place to launch from where we`re sure to find some teeth? We plan on bringing pasta strainers and other tools to help sift through the sand, but we`re open for all sorts of advice since this is our first time ever embarking on a tooth findng expedition.