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34 Torp, Kristiansund, Norway
Magdalena - 12/22/2007 9:49 PM
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5 October 1999.

Just very close to the irland we lived on there was a great diving site with a wreck named "Torp." We went out with the roawing boat we had this week, and went down under the water.

We were told that the wreck was on the depth of 20 meters, but hey what wrong that was! We found it at the depth of 30 meters. The sight was beautiful 15 -20 meters, and the wreck had the length of 20 meters. It is a cago-ship.

We could actually the whole wreck at once! She is sleeping there on the bottom with the stern down. We found the stern on 30 meters, but the stem was on 14 meters depth. I had a good look into the wheelhouse and the cargo space.