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37 Kristiansund, Norway
Magdalena - 12/22/2007 10:56 PM
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37 Kristiansund, Norway6 October 1999.

While night diving there is a lot of thing to think about. I did this night dive in Norway on a dive trip, and I learned a lot doing it.

We jumped into the water from the jetty at the irand we lived on and went down to the depth of 18 meters. The sight was around 10 meters when the torch was used, and it was 13 degrees in the water and 12 in the air.
I was reallt nervous during this dive, not used to night diving. We swimmed over some sea vegetalbes and stuff I never saw, it touched my leg and I exploded in fear!

I droppen the torch and screamed out in the regulator for my buddy to help me. I thought I lost my weight belt. But nothing happened, it was just some sea vegetalbles touching me... I became very stressed after this exerience, scared of everything I could not see, afraid that I would loose my belt.

We had people on the jetty making sure we got back in time after the dive. When we got up I was told that they almost called for the sea rescue, because they thought we had a real problem. I had been so nervous during the dive that my tourch was going everywhere. My buddy complain that I had dazzled him!

So I learned that I need so much more experience of night diving. It is really important to hold the torch down or where ever you are going, making sure to hold it steadily so that the people on the shore know you are safe. To go everywhere with the torch is a sign of problem, it is a scream for help! Keep the tourch steadily!!! Keep it from other divers faces, and relax. Have fun.