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Kristiansund, Norway
Magdalena - 12/21/2007 4:49 AM
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From 2 to 8 oktober 1999.

Me and the club I belonged to at this time went to Norway for a weeks scuba diving. I did 14 dives in a week! We went to a place named Kristianstad and lived on a small ireland, and all we were doing was sleeping, eating and scuba diving.

Living We were the only one at the irland. There was a house with a kithcen, TV-room, place for a couple of people in one room upstairs and a place for two in a small room downstairs.

In another house just next to this we had showers and a sauna. The water in the showers was warm and nice, and it was really greate to check out the sauna in the evening.

Food You bring your own foos with you. We had a lot of dry food like pasta and so on. To get the fresh stuff we had a boat and took our selves back to land were we got stuff like milk and so on. But really... we did not had much food with us. We got what we wanted from the sea. Spear fishing is aloud, and we were living on fish and crabs. We got the fish at day time, left the head and stuff in the water and got down to pick up the crabs at night time. The crabs eat the fish heads...

Diving I did 14 dives at this week. I have them all logged, you can read about every single one of them here. But shortly - the dive is great! A lot of fish, crabs, crayfish, corals, wrecks, and the sight was up to 40 meters! You have different diving sites arround, from 5 meters depth to an offshore at 150 meters! You can dive from the jetty at the irland, or go out with the two rowing-boats that are included. The rowing-boats also have motors.

How to get here You get here by car and the included rowing-boat.

I have to go back in my pld photos and find a nice ohoto of the irland. Will out it here...