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Diving In Singapore Water
Posted by HapkidoDiver
Diving In Singapore Water
HapkidoDiver - 12/17/2007 2:23 AM
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Category: Travel
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Diving was truly like heading to heaven and could truly relief a certain amount of stress. I was scheduled to have 4 dives in my country water somewhere in Palau Hantu (Ghost Island). We left the jetty at about 8am and arrived at the dive site about 30 minutes. There we had a short brief and off we go. My dive buddy was a new diver and a pretty nice guy from Germany. We got into the water and began to decend. We had great fun, but the only problem lies on was my buddy`s swimming habits. Think he had too much of a swim in the pool and had the habit of swimming like a turtle hahahaha! But that wasn`t funny because I have to stay a certain distance and keep watch over him. Due to his turtle swimming-like strokes, he often pulls my regulator off my mouth; at times he would gets my mask off my face. Hahahahaha! On the next day, we were schedule to dive again. But my instinct told me that I am not going to do well for my first dive of the day. My God! True enough I screwed up! I decend and reached aout 5 meters. Along the way, my pressure refused to equalize and I just surface to do it again. Now it gets better, but not for long. I reached almost 8 meters and the same XXXking problem came up. Damn it! Now I am really pissed as all my buddies are already down below. I forced myself down and reached 12 meters. At that moment, a great push of compressed pressure came up straight on my entire face and it was damn truly painful! Still being stupid enough, It carry-on till I reached the bottom which is about 13 to 14 meters to be with my buddies. Now it finally equalized and felt better. We had about 45 minutes of fun below and then we surfaced. At the last dive of the day, we went touring around the entire island. This time had no problem equalizing and had great fun for almost 30 minutes. We were drift diving watching the corals and observing around the nature. Though the water in Singapore is a kind of SCREW-UP (if lucky, you could see each other about 1.5 meters); but we still had fun. While having a great time watching and viewing, I noticed that the reefs suddenly moves like a falling tree. Then my buddy tapped on me to watch over my back. I turned and saw divers one-by-one drifting by my back hahahahaha! That was when I know the current is not looking good at all and had to surface. We reached the surface and got damn we kept drifting away fast and quickly. We could see that the boat is about 1Km away from us and still drifting further. We tried swimming back to the boat but the current was just too strong to keep up. Thus we waved for the boat and have them picked us up rather. Hahahahaha! We got up the boat and thus went around hunting for the rest of the divers. After final head count, we head off back to the jetty and the whole fun was over. Now am just waiting to go for a fun dive at the Under-Sea World in Sentosa Singapore. We will be diving in the Sharks Pool and other fishes pool as well. This is going to be great fun a dn a whole new fun apart from open-water.