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Shark Dives
RAWalker - 12/05/2007 9:45 PM
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I was thinking about what people call shark dives. The type where sharks are lured to a boat with chum and blood. Then the diver enters a cage for protection while the sharks are circling around. This is supposed to get you up close to see the shark in it`s habitat. Now I`ve been to the reef preserve off the Florida Keys and shark and baracuda are all around in those waters. No one is wearing a shark suit or diving in a cage. I`ve had sharks come within 5-10 feet of me and I`ve had baracuda face me off were I`ve had to back swim. Sure I was scared but I was forewarned how to read and be aware of these predators and no one was feeding or antagonizing them. So who saw them in there own habitat me or the diver in the cage? And should divers be using means like cages and chumming to view predators? THINK ABOUT IT!


ScubaGrrl - 12/14/2007 6:43 AM
No divers should probably not be using things like chumming to complete shark diving but it is happenning. Most of the guys doing the chumming are professionals and have been doing it for YEARS, they say that they closely mimic the sharks normal feeding patterns, that way they do not disturb the sharks everyday feeding. I have done Tiger shark dives off Alliwal Shoal SA and we chummed the water before climbing in. Sitting on the boat with 10 black tips circling the boat makes you think its going too far, especially when you are planning on doing a backward roll onto these buggers - (no cage) but it was really the experience of a lifetime and for me such a big shark lover, it was the ultimate dive!! 60 minutes; 50+ black tips ave. 2m length and 3x 3m tiger sharks circling a bait ball in the water. I felt safe all through, had two sharks bump into me and realized you are not a fish you are not their food!!
ScubaStevesWife - 12/12/2007 9:00 PM
On several of my dives, I`ve come face to face with a few sharks. In Costa Rica and in Grand Cayman, I was in my closest encounters. Although I`ve seen sharks on several of my dives, I`m still interested in going on a shark dive/cage experience. In my opinion, as long as there are no studies showing that shark tourism is hurting the shark population, I`ll support it. I think its important to educate people to have respect for the shark, and if that means throwing them in a cage... sign me up!
carguydiver - 12/07/2007 4:36 PM
I don`t see a problem with viewing sharks from a controlled environment...everyone has there own opinions and if it doesn`t hurt the environment, what difference does it make if you are viewing them from a cage, etc.
MsDiver - 12/07/2007 12:59 PM
I agree with you. I am totally against the exploitation of sharks or any other animal for that matter. I believe a "real" shark dive is seeing them just by chance. I was lucky enough to have my first shark dive last weekend in West Palm Beach. Black tips and nurse. Thanks for your comments