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New To Diving
Posted by Tadpole
New To Diving
Tadpole - 11/05/2014 10:42 AM
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Category: Educational
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New To DivingHere is some tips for the new diver. During my course I have seen people sign up for scuba for maybe a honeymoon or one trip. Folks this is not a one time commitment. This is a very important step in your life. When you do decide to embark on this journey. Enjoy every aspect of your experiences: whether they be in the class room, at a scuba park, at a lake, or ocean.
Be sure to complete and read everything the instructor gives you. Practice your navigation on land. I like to go to the local football field to practice the square, triangle, expanding square, etc...
Learn your compass. Learn your gauges. If your computer’s battery dies, you will have a back up. Make sure you take a buddy with you when you dive. If you are unable to take a buddy, MAKE SURE you tell someone where you will be exactly, how long you will be there, when you are to return. If you do not have someone, this is a good place to find someone that can check on you.

Now for the awesome fun side of the knowledge you gain. You experience the underwater world. There are fish & animal life, rocks, silt, sea weed, sand,caves, reefs, walls, shipwrecks, photography opportunities, going on explorations, meeting new people, organizations you can join, being a part of the conservation & preservation of all our waters, and so so much more.

Happy Scuba to the new and to the very experienced.
Please add your tips on scuba below.
Have a blessed blessed time.


Greg - 11/05/2014 5:29 PM
Great tips, thanks for sharing.