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Comfort Under Water
brokenogre - 6/24/2014 2:05 AM
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The number one rule to scuba diving is never stop breathing. The second rule; and one that I believe is unwritten; is your comfort underwater. This is paramount, and something that I am seeing in the industry as overlooked at times. Properly fitting equipment that you, as a diver, are trained on properly is vitally […]


Diver96 - 7/07/2014 9:39 AM
Not so sure about #2. Perhaps what we need to get at is "confidence" in our gear and not comfort. I have confidence in my gear because it’s serviced and maintained. I agree that comfort underwater is very important and it ultimately has an impact on whether or not your dive is an enjoyable experience. When you’re "uncomfortable" you increase the rate at which you consume air etc. That being said, I think that "comfort" with equipment can lead to complacency. You should never be so comfortable with your gear that you become complacent. Confident yes, comfortable- maybe not.
brokenogre - 7/07/2014 10:10 AM
Good point. Thank you :-)