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Rocky Point Trip Diving Memories
brokenogre - 3/10/2013 7:04 AM
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We have arrived in Mexico! Viva Mexico! Rocky Point is fun, inviting, and the food is good; but the diving is better. We went out on Sun N Fun’s boat Sirenas De Las Noches, along with some of AZ-DiveBuddies members some 27 miles from the Puerto Peñasco Marina to Bird Island to play with the Sea Lions and enjoy the ecosystem that populates the small protected island. When we arrived the Sea Lion Pups came out instantly to form a welcoming party, and beg us to get in the water, which we gladly obliged! Once in the water, we swam around the south portion (Rock Bridge) of the island, with a constant party of Sea Lions swimming circles around us, playfully nibbling our fins. What a blast! Our very own webmaster helped feed the fishes with a touch of the mal de mer in between dives; the current was a bit choppy this morning. After the first dive, we circled around to the northern portion of the island, and AZ-Divebuddies finished the day with a dive on that side. We tried to get pictures but visibility was just 15 feet, so no pictures; and AZ-DiveBuddies feared the same fate. We are taking a mental note, and next time we dive we will have both photo and video cameras so even if visibility is somewhat poor for underwater photography, hopefully our go-pros will pick up the video all the same. After our return to the Marina, we ventured into Puerto Peñasco in search of food. We discovered La Cosanos, a small boutique style joint that had good food and drink at very reasonable prices. We ordered three tacos, two rib eyes, and diezmillo with tortillas, chips and six different dips, and drinks; all for 489 Pesos ($38.73 USD); beat that in the states! Then we cleaned the saltwater off our gear, and undoubtedly updated our blogs and sites; lol. Tomorrow we’re all planning on some open-air market shopping in town before our eventual return to the U.S./Mexico Border and the end of our little weekend excursion… Rocky Point (Puerto Peñasco) is a great place for divers to getaway to and practice their skills or just have fun; and at a mere distance of just over 3 hours from the Phoenix, AZ area; it is the closest salt-water destination that won’t break the bank and still can show a good time…
As Always; Thanks For Following


Greg - 3/10/2013 7:13 AM
Sounds fun so far. Be careful down there.