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brokenogre - 2/01/2013 1:42 AM
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SCUBA EARTH, a web tool for divers all around the world. But, depending on the diver which SCUBA EARTH they use could be totally different; that’s right; there are two SCUBA EARTH’s. One belongs to, the other was produced by PADI. Which was one is better? has written a series of articles comparing the two web tools. The articles will be broke into three separate articles comparing the following: registering for the web tool (support, and the amount of community involvement that goes into reporting bugs and repair needs), actual ease of usage (navigation within the web tool, helpfulness, how informative the tool was etc…), and finally ease of posting and interacting with the web tools community at large (other users’ ability to talk to one another, post comments, etc…). Hopefully our followers will be better informed on both web tools. Coming soon: an article chronicling the history of both SCUBA EARTH’s and why there are two of them.
Registering for SCUBA EARTH? Wait which one?
Coming: February 4th, 2013