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Country singer Stephanie Quayle shoots music video at Sunset House
SunsetHouse - 1/29/2013 6:25 AM
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Category: Press Release
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Country singer Stephanie Quayle shoots music video at Sunset HouseStephanie wrote and recorded “Big Blue Town” for Sea Save, a 501
(c) 3 Non Profit organization. Sea Save’s mission is to generate consciousness
and encourage stewardship of natural ecosystems while continuing with other
charitable educational activities associated with this purpose. Sea Save
Foundation strives to protect our oceans by raising awareness and educating
people about ocean beauty and advocating change to resolve current challenges.

Sea Save, Stephanie and Sunset House teamed up in the Cayman Islands to
shoot the music video of “Big Blue Town” in hopes to create additional
awareness to Sea Save and its mission, especially the finning of sharks.

Nashville based country-recording artist, singer/songwriter,
Stephanie Quayle is a force to be reckoned, taking her life experience and
blending them into melodic adventures with a bit of a smirk. Watching
Stephanie perform is a modern throwback when it comes to entertainers; it
is all about connecting with her audience. Her sass and sincerity are as
honest as Stephanie’s determination and drive. One can’t help but fall in
love with her can do attitude.

At age 16, Stephanie embarked on a musical exploration that
found her fronting her first band in Switzerland, a long way from the
Rocky Mountains she called home. Performing in Europe furthered her
resolve: to chase down her musical dreams and let nothing stand in her
way. “This was the moment I knew this would be my life.”

In 2009, after a personal tragedy that shook Stephanie’s world
to the core, she realized that her music career had to mean more. She
wanted to empower others through her story of inner strength, endurance
and survival. She turned the tragedy into a symbolic moment in life and an
ultimate triumph that led to the recording of “Ain’t No Housewife” and an
invitation from Maria Shriver to perform at her Women’s Conference in
front of thousands. Her voice and story started to make an impact in a
positive direction and she was on her way. Stephanie is as relentless
and determined as ever to be a voice of empathy, joy and laughter.

The road to Stephanie’s latest projects is paved with a
surprising amount of grit worn into this bold woman’s boots. From the
sentimental song “Sophia” to the passionate declaration about living the
dream in “Alley of Desires”, Stephanie sounds as confident as she does
earnest, paying respect to country elders while pushing the envelope of
modern country music.

Her ability to poke fun at herself and leave you feeling lighter
in your heart after a live performance is barely scratching the surface of
who this woman is. The entertainer in her lives for the stage and the
songwriter stays laser focused on writing the songs that will be her
musical legacy


Smithsgold - 1/29/2013 10:14 AM
Cool !!!!
SunsetHouse - 1/29/2013 7:59 AM
You bet!
Greg - 1/29/2013 7:38 AM
Did she scuba dive with you all while she was there?