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Share your log with your dive buddies effortlessly
JudiHope - 1/17/2013 2:03 AM
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Share your log with your dive buddies effortlessly A new dive accessory is getting ready to enter the world of scuba diving. It is always exciting to share your dive adventures with friends - what location did you dive, how deep, how cold was the water, what was the...


JudiHope - 1/17/2013 6:31 PM
Yes, this looks pretty cool. I have taken a couple of courses on DiveNav and enjoyed their courses. This latest dive accessory needs some pledges though before it goes out to the public. Hopefully they get the amount required to market it.
Greg - 1/17/2013 8:33 AM
I love the new gadgets being introduced to the dive industry. This one seems pretty basic, but cool. I also like the cases you can get for an iPhone that turn it into a dive computer. Neat stuff!