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Fish Focus - Grouper
MikeCJ - 8/06/2012 9:39 AM
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Fish Focus - GrouperThe Grouper is one of the bigger fish you’ll see regularly in Lanzarote waters, and they are particularly docile and inquisitive, so if you come across them, you’ll be able to get up close and personal with them.

Here are some key facts about this interesting creature:
They are in the same family as sea bass The word grouper actually comes from the Portuguese word for fish, garoupa Groupers are not built for ling distance swimming and stay in their own sea area

They swallow prey whole, with chewing them They eat other fish, octopus and crustaceans, crushing them with tooth plates They have a very powerful sucking mechanism and suck prey into their mouths In Lanzarote, they grow up to 1.5 meters and over 100KG in weight Males often have a harem of from 3 to 15 females

One well known Grouper in Lanzarote lives in the blue hole in Puerto del Carmen. His name is Billy, and he will always come out of his cave to greet divers.