Dive Master Course DMC (Part 2), Course begins (Day1)
ScubaHaven - 5/20/2011 2:31 PM
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Dive Master Course DMC (Part 2), Course begins (Day1)Location: BoracayDive sites: Virgin Drop, Coral Garden, Angol Point
So it was time to begin my Dive master course. I went 8.30am to dive shop and I met my instructor Mat. Today was 3 dives and I am very pleased to get more dives because this is what I really miss. As a prerequisite for Dive master candidate you need to have 40 dives. After today I have 38 dives and tomorrow will be 3 dives more. So I will have more than 40 dives and on that sense ready to begin my Dive master course. Also to be noticed that every dive give more experience and confidence. This is very important as well as you should learn something in every dive. I am now waiting manual from Padi and then I can begin more serious learning and later will be skills. I am lucky that I don’t need to rush with my course and I try to make as many dives during course as possible. I really appreciate that dive shop gives this opportunity.
When I follow more experienced divers I learn more about diving. Also I learn how to handle different situations with customers. And believe that every dive with different customers are always a new experience. But this makes it even more interesting. Everything depends on attitude. Do you want to concentrate on your diving or provide as good experience to customers and not forgetting safety aspects. Interesting!
I will make a close-up to different dive sites later but here some information of those sites where we were today. Location is measured from White beach (Station 1) where boat leaves. Bottom time is usually depended on customers. When 70 bars then Is time to go for safety stop. Temperature is usually +29C so I don’t add this information. Also I don’t add information about wet suite because I use always 3mm short wet suite and 3 kilos weights.
Virgin DropLocation: Around 2km Depth: 30mBottom time: 37minCurrent: No currentVisibility: 15-20m
In this dive we spend time to find pygmi seahorse and Bong founded it (purple). This time also I saw it well but I didn’t manage to make a good photo because of focus problem. I will try manual focusing next time. Schools of clown fishes.
Coral GardenLocation: Around 2kmDepth: 15mBottom time: 30minCurrent: No currentVisibility: 15-20m
In this dive lots of small fishes like clown fishes came very close to my mask. Maybe clown fishes wanted to attack me but I only thought that it was cute because those fishes are harmless. I saw nemos and very small crab inside hard coral.
Angol PointLocation: Around 2,5kmDepth: 12mBottom time: 42minCurrent: No currentVisibility: 15-20m
In this site I saw many beautiful nudibranches, high rocks and beautiful coral, not shy nemos so I manage to make nice photos of them. Thanks to Sophia.
To see Nemos is always fun because that fish is somehow cute and this guy wasn’t shy at all.
This was my first DMC day. What a nice day and cant wait tomorrow!