Dive Master Course DMC, First days in course (Day4)
ScubaHaven - 5/23/2011 2:20 PM
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Dive Master Course DMC, First days in course (Day4)Location: BoracayDive sites: Camia´s wreck, Channel Drift, Coral Garden, Crocodile Island, Friday´s Rock
First days in course I spend by diving and get aquinted with a diving sites. This has been very interesting time and I can say that dive sites are better than what I thought. I also know better staff in dive shop and it’s a great pleasure for me. I have made some diving with OWD students and with Mat (instructor). I try to learn from these dives also something and especially interesting to see how Mat teach students.
I catch a cold and today wasn’t sure how I manage to dive but it wasn’t any problem for me. Fortunately! In overall I don’t have problems with equalization which is good. I got my PADI material 2 days ago and I should study at this moment but I want to keep my diver diary. Also I got nice feedback of my blog. I really appreciate it. Thank you!
About PADI material. I had a Christmas eve 2 days ago when I got nice PADI Bag with all material inside. Inside bag is DiveMaster manual, Padi Pro (small bag), Scuba Tune-up Guidebook, Training Log, Skills plates, The Encyclopedia of Recreational Diving (thick book), electronic RDP, Dive master sign and Padi advertisements.
At this moment I am in Chapter 2 in Dive master manual and I should study more in next coming days. After I have finished 3 first chapters and answered to Knowledge review questions we can begin skills. Book is similar and with a same structure as any Padi dive courses before. But this time all Knowledge reviews needs to send to Padi organization.
Beside studies I should go to clinic and get a doctor validation as a diver. I filled up questionnaire about my health condition but this is not enough for Padi so I go to clinic in next coming days. Hopefully not any unpleasant surprises (hehe).
About dive equipments. I still wait my Suunto D6 dive computer which is coming from Finland. I was hoping that it will be here already but its possible that custom wants to examine it first. Or its hopefully coming in this week! I haven’t had time yet to explore possibilities for dive gears but I will do it on Wednesday. When I know what is good package for me I will write information in more detail like models, criteria, prices, sizes, maintaining etc. This can be interesting for those who are now planning to buy his own gears. My weight is 73kg and height 180cm. Size is often depended on brand or model so its always important to try first. I will ask right for returning if equipment don’t fit but I am not sure if shop will accept it.
Some words about dive sites.
Camia´s wreckLocation: (3km) Depth: 24mBottom time: 30minCurrent: No currentVisibility: 10-12m
Very nice wreck which is big. There is possibility to explore also inside wreck and it has made safe for divers. Outside wreck is not so many fishes but inside is more. This day visibility wasn’t as good as usually but good enough for exploring.
Here are some photos from wreck.
Camia´s wreck
Camia´s wreck
Camia´s wreck
Camia´s wreck
Crocodile IslandLocation: 7km Depth: 29mBottom time: 42minCurrent: Mild currentVisibility: 15m
Beautiful corals, different kind of nudibranches, white moray, crocodile pipe fish etc. I was with OWD students so I didn’t have a chance to explore more better. I witnessed when white moray was after one small fish and attacked it with a success.

Crocodile pipe fish.
Crocodile pipe fishNudi branch

White moray was following one small red fish or shrimp which escaped to hole.
Ready to attack.
White Moray
White moray
White moray
White moray attack

Did he catch that fish? Yes! You can see red fin in his mouth.

White moray

White moray catched a fish
Satisfied hunter.

Friday´s RockLocation: 2km Depth: 19mBottom time: 44minCurrent: Mild currentVisibility: 15m
More photos of this site later.
Channel DriftLocation: 7km Depth: 30mBottom time: 39minCurrent: Strong current (4-5km from entry point to exit point)Visibility: 10m
Welcome to washing machine! If you want to boost your diving try drifting. Its really fun! Current was so strong that we end up from entry point 5km. But its possible to stop during drifting if you manage to grab rock or something. We saw a huge octopus which was black coloured in that moment but he was too fast to make photo. We continued diving and saw big puffer fish resting under rock.

Big puffer under rock
White tip shark under rock

I need to begin studying hard so it can be that I cannot manage to update my blog daily. But I try my best!