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Dutch Springs Opening Day dive
GypsyDiver - 4/04/2009 5:15 PM
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Category: Travel
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I made it up to Dutch Springs this morning with Clay and Steve. The wind was blowing heavily. We got in the water it was about 48 degrees. We made our way out toward the platforms. I start to descend and went to put air in my drysuit. Nothing. It felt for my hose. Not connected. I got it on in spite of my big blue gloves. That was fun. I added some air and descended to the platform. I look around for steve. He is doing alright. I look for Clay. He is coming toward me. I see him looking like he has been shrinkwrapped. NO hose attached. I spend a couple of minutes fighting with his airhose. Damn dry gloves. I love them so. We are good now. I look around for Steve. Is he under the platform? Left, right, behind? I see him on the surface. I surface to find that he has a freeflowing regulator and is out of air. He heads back in. I descend back down and Clay and I head to the Helldiver. The viz was great. The water was only 42 degrees. It felt great. We head toward shore. Hang for 3 minutes. We find Steve. His reg is had frozen open. Time to look for a cold water rig. It was an interesting day to say the least.


scubaclay - 4/07/2009 8:54 PM
What you forgot to mention is that is was only 35 down on the Hell diver. Not nice is a dry suit that has water in it.
herefishyfishyfishy - 4/05/2009 6:30 PM
Don’t forget the underwater easter egg hunt Saturday the 25th of April at Dutch Spings... see you there???
LatitudeAdjustment - 4/05/2009 8:35 AM
I’ve tried diving at Dutch too without a drysuit hose, it doesn’t work well!