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UWnewbee - 3/04/2009 1:28 PM
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Hi all, First I’d like to say that I hope we all know what we have here on divebuddy! There’s alot of information for the diver by the diver. That, to me is worth more than all the gold in the word. Before I joined divebuddy I was feeling kinda empty as there are alot of divers and dive sites, But who are they and where are they? Here on divebuddy! Ive spent hundreds of dollars on books that show areas to dive,, lots of info in them but theres onething they dont have in them, Divebuddys. As a motorcycle enthusiast Ive been to other riding sites, some of the info is wrong untitled or misleading,and if theres a problem either you wait for customer service to get back to you or you get to play paddy cake with a comuter generated help section which keeps asking if this helped you! How do I know??? the problems still here. Im not saying theres no good ones out there but ya gotta find it, I found Divebuddy through a quick search, and to my suprize was and still is free. If theres any problems with Anything such as I encountered this morning and in the past eventhough some was due to the end user,What that is I dont know lol. Greg was quick to answer and to correct the problem. In my point if a roof leaks are you gonna run around and set up buckets under the leaks and say It’ll stop leaking"? yea it will but only when the rain stops. Greg does do a wonderfull job on keeping the roof from leaking. Taking a O/W certification gives you the knowledge to be a diver. But I found that after that course your pretty much on your own,, I’m not saying you cant go to your local dive shop or anyother and ask wheres a good place to dive, or who are the local divers if any in the area? 1 log on to divebuddy and WE are here. Ive met alot of online divers here more than anywhere else. Some may just be online buds and some may not be, and you never know someday If I get to travel outside my box We can dive together! So when you are all sitting here reading this, think of the way this site has grown and the way its maintained. I will have 1 year as a member on dive buddy and all ive seen is growth. Ive been in small business myself and This is what I would want! Great feedback, Large numbers of clients and most important a Name. so still looking back how I was before joining Divebuddy, I hope that the New O/W certified diver will take and use the knowledge and resources that I have found on this site and I have met new divers on the dive site and I recomend them to this site maybe some join maybe some dont but thats not up to me as to what theyre missing!! Greg!! Masks & Hoods off to ya!! (if you have Any Negative feedback keep it to Yourself and join another site! all others welcome) View My Scuba Profile on


scubaclay - 3/04/2009 7:16 PM
Great comment, I agree. Since I’ve joined Divebuddy, I have met a lot of people from around the world. Some I talk to on a regular basis. I have also been ablke to express my views on some of the things I have done or that other divers have done. To me the best thing about divebuddy is the interaction between buddies and the exchange of information. I can’t wait to log on and find out what the topic dejure is. Keep up the great work.
Indiana - 3/04/2009 6:13 PM
I also thought it was a great blog.There are a lot of sites out there and I found Divebuddy to be the best.Keep up the good work Greg
Greg - 3/04/2009 2:44 PM
Great blog! Thanks for props and wonderful comments. I hope to continue to provide divers with a wonderful and valuable website that brings us all together.


Greg Davis
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