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Noe from Jupiter FL | Instructor

Hello everyone, I’m Noe! (Pronounced no-E)

Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, (California) I recently moved to South Florida early January to work in the scuba industry (at least for a year). I’m an IDC Staff Instructor through PADI with over 1000 logged dives and 16 years of diving experience.

I am looking for dive buddies. I’m open to hunting too. I don’t freedive and it does not interest me, I only scuba dive. I’m happily in a relationship and not looking for any romantic interests. I’m only looking for scuba diving buddies. With that said, I’m looking for male-only dive buddies. My girlfriend of four years does not dive and I’d like to respect her by not going out diving with other women even if it’s just platonic. Hope you can understand that.


SteveInJupFarms - 3/31/2023 1:56 PM
Welcome to Jupiter. If you can dive in Northern Cal, you can dive anywhere.
Do you have experience operating a boat?
SteveInJupFarms - 3/24/2023 8:34 AM
Welcome to Jupiter.
Do you have experience operating boats? Are you able to dive mid-week?
ScubaBro - 6/19/2023 4:44 PM
I am able to dive mid-week and I have worked on boat before. I’m new to this platform sorry if there is a repeat message.
CalEvans - 3/05/2023 12:20 PM
Welcome to the area.

Grab your gear and a tank and head over to the Blue Heron Bridge on any given weekend day. Get there a couple of hours early and just hang out. There is a thriving diver community there. You’ll find dive buddies, people willing to share about local dive centers, etc.

Of course, you’ll also get a great dive in too. :)

Cheers! :)
ScubaBro - 3/02/2023 11:10 PM
I really enjoy teaching scuba diving but I really need to do more fun diving.