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Malcolm from Syracuse NY | Scuba Diver

I’ve only been down 5 times. Four were for my cert classes which I completed in Sept 2020. I took a refresher course in June 2021.

Thanks to COVID a lot of travel plans had to change so I’m really hoping 2022 can be a better summer for diving.

I have several travel spots in mind; Cabo San Lucas (for whale shark diving), Catania, Sicily to dive along the lava coast, Cancun for Cenotes, various shipwrecks.

I snorkeled in Catania, Sicily before I was dive certified - it is an absolutely amazing seascape.

I also plan to get a high altitude certification and my computer compensates for elevation. Want to try diving Yellowstone Lake and some other Mountain Lake areas in North America. I have a good sized van that could easily haul up to 3 dive buddies with all our ear. It actually seats 7 without gear.


bottomrunner - 2/18/2021 2:02 PM
Hello Malcolm.
When this isolation ends, and you want to dive on some shipwrecks. We have a lot to offer here in Kingston. I would be happy to join you and your daughter on some awesome dives.

Q8Diver - 1/02/2021 2:13 AM
Hello from Kuwait and welcome to Dive Buddy ...... I wish you a great time here...Q8Diver
MalcolmG - 1/14/2021 9:27 AM