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Jonathan from Cincinnati OH | Scuba Diver



Aguaguy - 7 days 22 hours ago.
I’m thinking about lake view rev park, Lancaster,oh. Maybe next weekend it’s a quarry about 2 hrs drive from cinti.
Jondjames - 7 days 21 hours ago.
Ever been to Circleville twin quarries? It’s about 1.5 hours away from Cincinnati. A llittle bit closer. Also Natural Springs Resort is about an hour away. I’d like to do some more diving but this 6 hours in the car today makes me rethink it lol
Aguaguy - 7 days 21 hours ago.
Circleville is a dump been there. Natural springs great place a few weeks ago, for proximity and visibility good joint to go too. I’m holding off on natural springs till I get these others out of the way.
Jondjames - 7 days 20 hours ago.
Yeah I’ve only been to natural springs once for my checkout dives. Never been to Circleville. I’d like to also check out Penny Royal and Falling Rock down in Kentucky. Keep me in the loop if you decide to dive next weekend. I’ll see what I can work out
Aguaguy - 6 days 2 hours ago.
Jondjames the Brookville Lake excursion will be Sept. 1 on a Saturday at 9am at Quaker town marina, your have to fill out waver at DNR office opens at 8am. Memorial Day. Have boat for 4 hours rounding up a few other divers to go to cut cost. If interested call me 513-780-5444. Lance.
Jondjames - 5 days 20 hours ago.
Lance, you’ll have to update me upon your return. Unfortunately I won’t be able to make it on September 1st. That’s the weekend of my annual family reunion. Maybe next time
Aguaguy - 8 days 1 hour ago.
Yes just got back anything under 60 ft you need a dry suite. I dived in a 5mm wet suite with gloves still super cold at 60 .
Jondjames - 7 days 23 hours ago.
I ended up showing up about 910, PAdiver sent me a message saying he was asked to leave and headed to white star so I went up there. Actually still here now. Got in 4 dives. Deepest about 74 feet and it was 54 degrees after about 40 feet. I’m also in a 5 mil cause I was too cheap to rent a 7 lol. Do have a hood and also put on a 3 mil top from a farmer John siluit I had cause I was freezing my ass off lol.
Jondjames - 7 days 23 hours ago.
Did you dive alone or find a buddy while at gilboa??
Aguaguy - 7 days 23 hours ago.
I blended in with all the scuba students and made up some fake name on the form they don’t even bother to verify.
Jondjames - 7 days 23 hours ago.
Lol yeah I’m sure no one cares. They actually allow solo diving at gilboa, but only if you’re certified. If you ever wanna get your fins wet in the near future let me know. Maybe check out one of those lakes you were talking about.
Aguaguy - 13 days 3 hours ago.
John if you ever want to dive these state park lakes ( Ceasers creek or Brookville Lake ) give me a ring.
Jondjames - 10 days 19 hours ago.
Have you ever dived these locations?? Seems visibility might be next to zero, haven’t been to Cesar’s creek since I was a kid but just thought it might be a bit murky lol
Aguaguy - 10 days 18 hours ago.
I have Brookville Lake Indiana planed for early August by renting a pontoon boat there. People that have dived it say it’s visible, theirs a town submerged down there .