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Travis Border from Wakeman OH | Scuba Diver



ScubaDoing - 11/07/2017 10:44 PM
Hi Travis, You’ve been really busy this summer with your certifications! Congrats. I’ll be doing my AOW when the water warms up again. I’m sure dry suit cert. will follow as well, seeing as I live where the water never warms. LOL!
travistized - 11/08/2017 5:33 AM
Thanks, it was a great summer, and I absolutely fell in love with diving. I’m starting the Dive Master program at Under Water Dive Center in December. I don’t know that many people in our sport, and I’m always looking to go diving so don’t hesitate to ask if you ever need a dive buddy for the quarries. If you get a dry suit suit we can dive right up until December lol. I’m planning to go to Pompano Beach Florida every third week starting in January and ending in April for four-day weekend mini vacations. They have some amazing diving down there and round trip airfare is currently around $90. BTW, did you do any of JAW’s Lake Erie dusk dives? I was on about 80% of them. Good luck with your AOW and future certs and keep in touch. Lets go diving!
ScubaDoing - 11/08/2017 10:17 AM
I love that Pompano Beach idea! I used to live in Fla. (13 years) When I take my vacation this year I,m gonna go see my daughter in Virginia beach and get a dive in there, then go to see friends in Pompano who live near the inlet. I was promised a dive from them as well. I haven’t done any of the Dusk dives with Jaw but that’s just a matter of time. I love it and don"t wanna stop now.I look forward to the spring and will absolutely take you up on the offer to dive. I would also like to go to Gilboa but I here the water is colder?
travistized - 11/08/2017 7:28 PM
Gilboa is ok but it is frigid, privately owned, and a longer drive than White Star. I dive with South Florida Diving Headquarters in Pompano, got a picture with John Chatterton when I was there in early October. I’m seriously considering getting my deep certification in FLA, as the bottom temperature at Gilboa in August was 36 degrees at 135ish...burr.
ScubaDoing - 11/08/2017 8:19 PM
OMG! 35 degrees??? That would make me wanna do my deep dives in Fla. as well but I have a little ways to go till then. Cant wait to get to Florida. BTW What airline is flying for 90 bucks?
travistized - 11/08/2017 8:26 PM
Allegiant Airlines but they only fly Thursdays and Sundays until February, then switch to Fridays and Sundays. Spirit out of Akron/Canton is similar in price but again only fly on Sundays and Thursdays to Fort Lauderdale.