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Corey from Oxford Nova Scotia | Scuba Diver


"Hi, every body. I’m new here on Dive I live in Oxford, Nova Scotia, Canada. I’m hoping I can find a few Dive Buddies here on dive Buddy that are from Halifax Nova Scotia. And, I Free Dive [Mask/ Snorkel]. I’m 43 years old, and I live alone, with my new Kitty. I don’t have a Girl Friend right now, but I hope I will again at some point in time. Are there any Scuba/Free Divers on here that are from the Halifax and Dartmouth, Nova Scotia? If there are, I’d be happy to corrospond with them. My handle here on Dive Buddy is Submeregedboarder. I came up with that handle because I snowboard in the Winter, and I free Dive in the Summer. I’m also Single, ir there are anyLady Scuba/ Free Divers out there that want to know about my Marital Status. I hope to meet a few people on here. I would like to meet some members here on Dive Buddy that are Canada and the U.S., if that’s possible I also like Photography, Sports, and Travel".


flygirlmeg - 6/06/2009 2:26 AM
Hey there - thanks for the compliments on the photos. I’m new to both diving and underwater photography - but am having a blast with all the new experiences! Just got back from dives 10 & 11 this evening - amazing boat dives!
Anyway, I’m not a fighter pilot - I fly tankers so we refuel other aircraft. Have only been in a glider once actually - but it was a lot of fun!
How’s the diving up in Canada?
flygirlmeg - 5/30/2009 4:46 PM
Thanks - I’ll try to post more!
diven4me - 5/27/2009 9:43 AM
u need to send me some pixs as well. Hope