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Dustin from Cypress  | Instructor


Long story to get here... I’ve been diving since ’97 and became an instructor after getting into it seriously about 7 years ago. I love traveling and all things scuba. I think california diving is very underrated and I love living here.

I’m a cinematographer and underwater videographer and plan on putting together a documentary on wrecks in socal here next year.

I really enjoy teaching people how to "Really" dive through proper education and safety. More of a profile is at:


hdperdue - 8/02/2009 7:03 PM

Long time no see!!!!!!!!!!!! Where have u been?

Hope all is well with ya! =)
hdperdue - 1/20/2009 4:26 PM
OMG! That;s awesome video Dustin!!! It was crazy! I can’t believe it zoomed at you in the end!!! =) Hope all is well with you! Miss ya!
hdperdue - 1/09/2009 6:33 PM
Hope you are having a good break! I’m still sick and tired! =( Drink a Newcastle for me! Stupid medicine- I can’t even drink Newcastle when I’m this sick! =(
hdperdue - 12/16/2008 3:22 AM
A new truck huh?? Damn that was quick! I guess that beats my Volvo anyday when it comes to holding dive gear!!! And ur lucky ur not drinking Newcastle without me! NOTHING is better than Newcastle!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok I’m off to drive home from Campus! Good night and have a beer for me!! 
hdperdue - 12/16/2008 2:54 AM
U R SOOO MEANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!! Rubbing in that u r done and even worse u are celebrating ur completion of finals over beer! It better not be a Newcastle!!!!! That would make me REALLY jealous!!!!!!!!!
hdperdue - 12/16/2008 2:19 AM
I’m on a caffine highhhhh and I’m procrastinating... I so don’t want to focus on my last 30 page paper! How are your finals??? =)
hdperdue - 11/29/2008 2:11 PM
U TEASE!!!!!! Newcastle is the key to my happiness (which goes hand in hand with diving)! LOL! Hope you had a good break! C U in 2 weeks!
hdperdue - 11/23/2008 6:45 AM

DUSTIN!!!! I look forward to diving with u & Mike in a few hours! =)