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John from Panama City FL | Scuba Diver

Experienced diving couple with boat. Always looking for other divers to share trip costs to many locations around Panama City/Panama City Beach waters. Weekend diving, early Sunday mornings, 2 or 3 tank trips.


HarryO - 6/06/2013 5:11 PM

I dive PC alot.....I use to have access to a boat to dive there but I don’t anymore.....I love wreck diving down there....I have dove the Black Bart severa times and have dove the Red Sea once...Would really like to get back on the Red Sea again......I have heard the Bridge Spans are a good dive also.......I am an advanced open water with nitrox diver....Maybe we can get together some this summer and dive together............

diverjmacj - 6/07/2013 6:54 AM
I have a boat, normally dive on Sunday mornings, try to be on water by about 7 am and usually do 3 tanks. We have openings for a fourth at times. We normally spearfish and can hit any of over 100 sites onm my GPS. It is common to be at an average depth of 80 -110 ft on many of these sites. We dive nitrox with computers but not a requirement. Does your wife dive as I see a woman in your photos? If you want to try and join us in the future let me know and I will keep you oppen for future dives. My wife dives, Bob, a gfood friend usually goes as well. You can contact me off this site using, cell is 850-624-7670 and I text. John