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Redwood from Richmond IL | Scuba Diver

Hello there, my name is Redwood and my wife and I have been diving for about 16 years. We are both advanced diver’s with some specialties. I am a professional Tattoo artist of almost 22 years with numerous awards and magazine publicity. Check out my work at;

We love travel and adventure. Hiking, Diving, Caving, Rafting. We love it all. We have walked along Hadrian’s wall in the rain, gone tubing through a Maya cave on the river, watched lava flow into the sea from our ship and walked through an old lava tube, seen Stonehenge, Roman Baths, climbed a waterfall, diving on reefs and wrecks throughout the Caribbean. Zip lining looks fun got to work up the nerve.

I keep my gear pretty simple. I have quite a good amount of Oceanic equipment and it suits me fine. Easy to use computer that is up to date balanced reg, safety gear too. I use Sea Life cameras and strobes. All middle of the road stuff. I always want to learn a better buoyancy technique, or want to trim my profile. I want to practice breathing techs, anything, from anyone, and just be a better diver. Then I picked up the toys and played once I was comfortable. And having your own gear makes a huge difference in your ability because it’s always the same stuff in the same place and, if maintained, functions the same way.

Photography is the cat’s pajamas, no doubt. I love taking pics, so buoyancy is paramount. And it has helped my breathing too. I have learned more control and depth change by simply slowly breathing in and out. I love shooting Corals with this skill, you time it right and you’re closest when you snap the pic. When I get home I look up everything in my reference books and name them.

I work weekends but Mondays and tuesdaysare my days off. It’s tough to meet up with most divers’ cause of this. The quarry is quiet on Mondays and that’s always nice, I’m not big on large groups, not good for photos. Wreck diving in Lake Michigan sounds fun. I loved the book Shadow Diver’s.


GypsyDiver - 9/04/2008 8:09 AM
sounds great! Have fun! Take lots of pictures!
GypsyDiver - 9/04/2008 7:57 AM
It was awesome!! How about you?
ScubaKitten - 8/20/2008 10:35 PM

Thanks Redwood!

msscubagoddess - 7/03/2008 8:29 AM
4th of July!
polarbear - 4/13/2008 7:28 PM
hey there welcome to dive buddy and thanx for the add!! michael