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Chuck from Gainesville VA | Scuba Diver

Never abandon your buddy...especially if you’re together in a firefight!

I’m a pretty simple common sense but highly opinionated ole retired Marine who knows the Lord. As long as I am upright and above ground and not taking the ’dirt nap’, I hope to be doing, going, and continuing to move out smartly with every endeavor I undertake. I am a man with a heart for God...mind you, I did NOT say ’perfect’ still has really rough edges and unfortunately the Marine often wants to put in his two cents, take the hill, solve all the problems, and win the battle at hand. Now, SCUBA is a passion I have held since I was young. However, because I had a large family, 5 kids, with myriad family and professional requirements over the course of a Marine Corps career, Opportunity never knocked to enable me to pursue SCUBA certifications until last year (2022)...the rat bastard! My Forever Bride convinced me to finally go and do something for myself and get certified to dive. Truly, getting SCUBA certified proved to actually be the easiest part. What I have discovered in the past year is probably the greatest challenge with SCUBA Diving is FINDING A DIVE BUDDY whom you are not required to pay because they are a Guide!! The instant someone hears you are still fairly new at it, they fabricate every excuse under the sun or just never respond to your requests to go diving. Definitely helps keep the sport alive, don’t you think? So, now, there you all are and HERE I am. Let’s find a way and go diving! Semper Fidelis.