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Isaac from Ramsey NJ | Scuba Diver

Looking to go diving be it with a newbie or a seasoned diver.


CaliforniaKeith - 11/07/2007 12:36 AM
Im sending this message 2 all on my Bud list, 1 by1. My email nots working, I cant email. I am limited so I cant send an email 2 all my buds @ once. So Id like 2 get U on my Yahoo email divelist, so if I want 2 send email 2 all, I can. If I dont get a return ILL assume ur not going & make my bud list shorter. But add me 2 ur list if U want. My boats running good & last weekend on the lake it did 51.6 MPH, GPS. Not bad for a cabin cruiser. Also that means the dive thanksgiving weekend is ON. I have 4 days off work, so its lets go out to the islands. Let me know if you are going to be in town & dont worry about places to stay. ILL put a new dive trip blog up so check it out. Send me an email to so I dont have to worry about the email limit on divebuds. Im thinking for future trips a group of us can charter our own boat in other countries & dive where we want, there are boats for small groups that are like a hotel on the water, what do U think about that?? Keith