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Angie from   | Instructor



warren2343 - 11/06/2010 5:36 PM
Thanks for the add Bubbles Up
Adriana - 10/10/2010 12:26 AM

Thanks. That was a picture taken during Byan’s and my Honeymoon. There are more pictures of that dive on my Facebook. I noticed you have a link to your Adventure Scuba in your profile. I’ll send a freind request and you can look at the rest of those pics and see my Family pics too. I have Jacob, whom you met at Trashfest, Nicki 15, Elena 10, and my Hubby, Bryan. I hope to upload the pictures of when all five of us went diving soon. We took pictures next to the Christ of the Abyss, (Key Largo).

By the way, that shot of theWhale Shark is very impressive! Did you get close to it? What a sight!

capt_cu2 - 10/05/2010 8:59 AM
Wow I never even heard about them in those waters. I assumed when you mentioned Cozumel that you had gone to Holbox channel. Ironically I grew up in that area, well the next town over, Fort Walton Beach. But that was many years before they sunk Oriskany. Then again I’ve never heard of Justin but I lived in Austin. lol
capt_cu2 - 10/04/2010 9:54 AM
Wow that is awesome! Where was the whale shark? I was in Roatan in August, the diving was great but no rumors of whale sharks sitings recently there or on Utila.
Greg - 10/04/2010 8:26 AM
It was great diving with you at the Trash Fest. Hope to see you again next year!
dalehall - 10/04/2010 5:59 AM
Hey Angie..
Thanks for the add and welcome to DiveBuddy!!
elmatador - 10/03/2010 9:52 PM
good diving with you all this weekend.
SCUBASMITTY - 10/01/2010 1:02 AM
thanx for the add
WCReefers - 9/30/2010 12:23 PM