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Clifford from Buda TX | Scuba Diver

I live in Northern California. Wife only dives in warm water, so I am on my own in Monterey or SoCal. Always interested in buddy or group diving.


diverray - 2/08/2016 4:21 PM
I made a 80% on the following quiz:
Enriched Air Nitrox (EANx) Scuba Quiz
diverray - 2/08/2016 4:23 PM
There is a typo on question #3. Should be than, rather than then.
diverray - 2/08/2016 4:27 PM
I have a little disagreement with one of the questions I missed- #8. The fact that the blender has to analyze the mixture has no practical use to me. Since I am the one doing the breathing, I’m the one who must ultimately be responsible for analyzing the mixture.
Greg - 2/08/2016 4:32 PM
I’ll fix the typo, thanks for pointing that out. I agree it’s mainly the diver’s job...but the blender also has a responsibility to analyze the mixer.
lreese2 - 10/11/2011 9:47 PM
Thank you! I’ve got some great white pics to post. I’m working on getting them up in the next few days!
Tamie - 9/17/2011 11:01 AM

Nope, Airport Beach in Maui;

Rich-D-Fish - 9/14/2011 12:22 AM
Thanks Ray!
Aleece042 - 9/13/2011 4:06 PM
Thank you! Too bad he moved, could’ve had another dive buddy!
ScubaNiki - 8/12/2011 12:46 PM
I may just save the money and go dive in the Caribbean!
UAdiver - 2/05/2011 6:44 PM
Water was cold, (20C) but I swam only 25 min.
MRfreeze - 2/05/2011 7:52 AM
No problem I am not sure I could ship it to you without it getting destroyed. LOL. My wifes friend designed it for my b-day. Very good cake. See ya.
jilibn73 - 12/25/2010 12:28 AM
Actually it’s a scorpion....but you were close ;o)
florrie - 12/07/2010 11:11 AM
It’s great, October starts off with lobster dives. Winter is warmer than summer, so I can dive year round, we do have fog and drizzle, but the sunny days are so worth it, and having the ocean here in Morro Bay in my back yard....can’t beat it! I may travel, but I doubt I’ll move! I love it here!