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Sean from Wilmington DE | Scuba Diver


I’ve been diving since 2006. Diving for me started out as a vacation / warm water activty. In August of 2008 I tried diving in the Outer Banks and fell in love with cold water diving. In 2009 I have ventured into the realm of drysuit and Nitrox diving. Life is good!


Hannahevan - 8/27/2009 7:56 PM
Well i pretty sure im going every wed for the whole month, so if something comes up for you, let me know.I could also meet you @ Guppie Gulch on one or two of those sundays that month also,if you wanted to check it out.
Hannahevan - 8/27/2009 7:53 PM
I dont think ill bother with that boat again if they only go to that kind of crap, seems they are are more geared for newbies or just making a quick buck with inshore diving.
Hannahevan - 8/27/2009 7:51 PM
Theres a guy on here one of my buddies Gepdiv i think is his name he goes out of indian river inlet on a boat called the Miss Ene he sent me a list of boat dives his club does. I havent been out with them yet but its worth looking into. I’ll forward you the email he sent me and see what you can find out.I did’nt know there was any dive boats in delaware there still but apparently there is.