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Jerry kitchens from sugar hill GA | Instructor

I fell in love with scuba diving my first session. After a year of getting certified I joined the body recovery team in Buford, Ga and helped find drowning victims. Still wanting more I found the VA would pay for my education to become a Deep sea diver, commercial diver, welder, burner, mapping. After that course they offered a PADI course to be an instructor. I completed both in 1976.
After teaching a few courses I went to work at a dive shop in College Park, Georgia.
2 years later we were contacted by the ga. state patrol to instruct 2 of their troopers.
these guys were sharp and eager to learn.
I had a wish to teach for PADI in Florida at Florida PADI college in Jacksonville, Florida and sent a resume. A week later I was asked to come down for an interview with Dr ROGER LLOYD.
I went down and Dr. Lloyd interviewed me at length.
2 weeks later they told me I was hired and to come down and get settled in.
Then my dream had come true. I got my dream job at PADI’s Florida college.
So within 10 years I was certified to teach Night diving, search and recovery, night diving, and several other courses.


masterinstructor - 1/09/2020 4:34 AM
Thanks to Greg.....divers now have a way to communicate and share their dive experinces with other divers.
That’s why I started the dive club....The Jacksonville Scubanauts. I got a projector and went to the library to get dive films. We met at a local Pizza place in Riverside and watched the show and had pizza. Wow, great memories. I heard the club is still going and I hope they keep going. I wanted to do something for Florida and we got members to visit the springs near Ginnie and surrounding areas. We cleaned up tons of beer bottles, and other unsightly trash.........took them to dumpsters and put it where it belonged.
Skin diver wrote a small article recognizing the club. The Fla Times Union did a half page article recognizing our club. So thank you to all the original members and the present ones to.
masterinstructor - 1/08/2020 4:18 AM
Thanks to the 1,000 students I certified.