DiveBuddy needs starving artists (logos, designs)
Greg - 7/30/2008 1:45 PM
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I’m looking for talented people that have some free time and need a little cash. I would like to have a few images, designs, logos created that are scuba related that include DiveBuddy.com and maybe our logo. I would want to use the images for t-shirts, advertising, widgets, banners, buttons, etc. The images can be small (for widgets or buttons) or can be large (for t-shirts, advertising and banners).

Maybe you have an idea for a widget or image that members of our site can share when posting comments to one another (ie: Thanks for the add. OR Happy birthday). You know those myspace related images that everyone uses.

Maybe you are good with photo shop and can take a cool dive photo and make it all retro for a funky t-shirt design.

Maybe you like to freehand pirates or sharks and can come up with something divebuddy related.

If your design is selected, you’ll instantly be launched into fame and small fortune (I’ll pay up to $100 for a cool design)...but mainly fame :)

Ask me if you want divebuddy logos sent to you so you have something to work with.

Submit your designs directly to me (greg [ at ] divebuddy.com) or post a reply here if you have questions.
CLINTatUNIQUESCUBA - 7/30/2008 6:29 PM
Hello Greg, I just joined the divebuddy.com community after seeing the article about your site in divenewswire.com. I have looked around a bit and am impressed with what I have seen so far. The site looks great!

I just started reading the forums section and noticed your post in regards to graphic art and widgets. I believe I’m qualified and would love to speak more about your projects.

Please check out some of my work. Everything you see is my work.

myspace page

myspace widgets

scuba website

t-shirt store via cafepress

I have other expamples of my work that I can supply on request.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank You
Clint Seeley

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