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Belize scuba diving from Splendor April 6; no ship excursion, ideas anyone?
Lifesabeach - 2/19/2017 9:05 PM
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LatitudeAdjustment - 2/20/2017 7:29 AM
What is your port of call in Belize? One of the islands I would assume since there isn’t much to see in Belize City. It’s one of those places you don’t go out after dark in but there are day boats going out from there to I assume Lighthouse Reef however when I was in Belize City there was too much wind for small craft.
Lifesabeach - 2/20/2017 8:40 AM
Belize City. Saw one outfit that goes to Ambergris Caye via short plane ride for 2 tank. Didn’t know if that experience was worth the cost and risk of late return to ship. Any excursion from Belize City you would recommend or any particular outfit?
WarmWaterTurner - 2/20/2017 9:51 AM
While I love diving Belize - from the ship I might add - I would be reluctant trying to book my own trip. Who are you cruising on that has no Belize diving? We did Royal Caribbean last spring and the dive boat picked us up at the ship. The problem with booking a dive at Belize is the necessary travel associated with it. I would hate to miss the ship!
Lifesabeach - 2/20/2017 10:39 AM
Carnival. They offered one in May, but I was traveling with a non-certified friend, so we went cave tubing and zip lining.
FtMyersTom - 2/21/2017 9:46 AM
We were driven 10 miles from Belize International airport (BZE) to the Radisson Fort George Hotel and Marina to catch boat to Turneffe island resort. Then 60 miles from Ft George marina to caves branch jungle lodge. It’s safe to say if your transportation isn’t arrange by your cruise ship or resort and you try on your own you may not make it back on time or at all. There were 3 amazing parts to our trip in Belize, Turneffe island, Caves Branch jungle lodge and the transfer trips. I have never seen a city as big as Belize city with 1 traffic light and it wasn’t working. I really don’t understand how people exist there.

Sometimes the journey is the adventure.
Lifesabeach - 2/21/2017 12:24 PM
Thanks so much for your responses thus far. We’re in port from 8:00AM to 5:00PM so I want to have the best dive experience while there. I this case, I’m inclined to forego my otherwise conservative nature and find a way to make it happen. I’m leaning towards the plane transport as it offers flights every hour after the 2 tank dives are completed, which should be 1-1:30 at the latest. I’m open to any other suggestions, though as I’ve not yet "pulled the trigger" on this one. Thanks again all!
Indiana - 2/24/2017 7:27 PM
Try Sea Sport Belize it is right by the dock where you will be at
SeaGoat - 3/08/2017 12:57 PM
If you fly, don’t forget to check your decompression tables. Ask what altitude you’ll be flying at after your dive. Finally, call DAN and double check that your plan is safe. You don’t want to ruin your vacation.
Lifesabeach - 3/08/2017 1:58 PM
Absolutely! Small plane x 10 minutes at low altitude. Dive shop actually handles flight plans. Been looking for dive table references. Any info on website to verify those parameters?
SeaGoat - 3/09/2017 5:24 AM
I don’t know of any recreational dive tables that cover flying altitudes. The general rule is just to wait. That’s why I would call ask at what altitude you will be flying, call DAN and let them have the final word. Better safe than sorry. The diving in Ambergris Caye is good enough to deserve it’s own trip anyway.
SeaGoat - 3/10/2017 11:24 PM
Also, I saw that the dive business I used while I was there - Amigos Del Mar - got their PADI membership revoked. Maybe they didn’t pay dues but it could be that they have some serious safety violations. Anyways, you may want to also check the business’s professional affiliation before you go. Sorry to be a buzzkill.
Belize’s health care system is terrible so don’t take chances with an emergency. (I didn’t see any elderly people when I was there so I looked Belize up on the WHO website.)