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Cozumel experience??
scubachika - 2/09/2007 2:50 PM
Category: Travel
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Hi, planning a trip to Cozumel for 3/07 and wondering if anyone has any feedback or recommendations on companies to dive with for the cenotes near Cancun and any Cozumel diving experiences. All feedback is appreciated. Thank you!!! Dori
ScubaGal - 2/09/2007 3:51 PM
I was in Cozumel a couple of years ago and dove with Dive Paradise. THeir service was friendly and accommodatin but they did the dive master led trips for all dives. They were very protective of the environment - not that that is a bad thing. We had a great time. Good luck and safe travels.
WCReefers - 2/14/2007 2:24 PM
Cozumel was great back in the mid 90`s. But after they built all those piers for the cruise ships it became very crowded and vendors from the mainland came over set up the stands in the main square. The only town lost it quaintness. The water is great 200ft vis, scuba-du is a great outfit fast boats and offer morning or afternon dives. Hope you have fun.
Roll - 2/23/2007 1:09 PM
Hi Dori, Real quick...I use Liquid Blue Divers. Michella and Roberto are terrific. There website.... Best to you and have fun... David
atomic333 - 6/18/2007 12:56 PM
Did you find some good spots/tours on your trip? Me and some friends are going to Cozumel next week and we`re trying to do some homework on it. :)
downunder1957 - 9/15/2007 5:51 PM
Make sure you get to dive Barracuda point not many dive operators do this spot because it is the wildest drift dive ever.Make sore you have a PSD and whistle or an eplurb because once you surface you are miles out to sea and the boat might have to find you.Most of the other stuff is ok but to be zooming along at 30m (100ft) maybe 5-6 kts is just awesome.